We reinvent ourselves every day since the company was founded in 1953. LUBA’s success has always been based on providing retailers innovative products and outstanding quality coupled with a world class customer service team. These values are still the cornerstone of our success today.  Our entrepreneurial spirit, solution-oriented actions, and a sense of responsibility are what drives us forward.

With a large emphasis on retailer satisfaction, we place high value on getting you the stock when you need it, in the quantity you require and at a price point that supports your operation. Whether you are an independent retail store or an international chain, we pride ourselves being able to cater to you at the highest service levels.


LUBA Distribution Ltd

Founded in June 2016 in preparation for a possible Brexit vote, LUBA Distribution Ltd is located in Nottingham and offers most products LUBA GmbH offers.  These will always be with UK power cords, unless you specifically order them with European cords.  Payment is in GBP.


Helping manufacturers expand into new markets.

Small Scale Manufacturer / Entrepreneurs: We see it all the time, a supplier has created an amazing product as their engineering skills are top-notch, but the business & marketing skills are often not yet developed.  We can take care of everything marketing, sales & customer services related in our territories so that you can focus on optimising your production capabilities and your local territories.

Medium & Large Manufacturers: Our aim is to increase your market share across our territories. There are a number of ways we can do this such as operating as a 3PL for shipments & returns, multi-national repair facility, distribution management, marketing, sales & support in localised languages as well as streamlining your internal operations through our master-distribution model.


We are partners of the retail trade!

A large, well stocked warehouse allows almost 100% availability of all our products as well as fastest delivery of ordered goods, not only to your store but also via drop shipping directly to your customers. Goods ordered before 15:00 GMT+1 usually go out on the same day with DHL to you or your customers, on request with your delivery note and invoice.

We charge a flat shipping fee no matter if your business or customer is in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, British Isles, Scottish Isles, or even Cyprus.  Yes, even the British Islands are covered by our standard shipping fee!


We not only supply retailers but also consumers directly.

If you like a product in our extensive assortment, you are also welcome to order directly from us. We ship as soon as possible on the same day directly to your home.  However, we ask you to support your local retailers if possible.