Now available in Germany: Blendtec blenders

Well known through "Will it Blend?" - the YouTube superstar from the USA!     

Pulverises not only iPhones and golf balls but also anything that makes your smoothie nutritious and delicious.


725 218x300

Designer 725

575 218x300

Classic 575

625 218x300

Designer 625

Twister Jar



Smoothies and frappes just like in the restaurant or at the bar, now easily made at home with the original high-performance Blendtec blender itself.

Thanks to the unique shape of the container and the blunt-blades, the Blendtec blender mixes everything that comes between its blades. The motor has a maximum power of 3 hp (3.8 hp for the Designer 725). Compact, with just 38 or 40 cm height, the Blendtec also fits into your kitchen.

The Twister jar is the perfect addition to Blendtec, ideally suited for the preparation of nut butter or ice cream. Due to the special shape of the container and the twister lid a pusher is superfluous.

More information in our Catalogue on page 4.

Blendtec Designer 725  RRP  850,- €

Blendtec Designer 625  RRP  650,- €

Blendtec Classic 575  RRP 550,- €  

Available in various colours.


Another highlight for hobby bakers and chefs:


KitchenAid food processors, toasters, waffle irons, blenders and more, available in many colors.

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New for 2016:

Dejelin stainless-steel steamer

261 6193 cuiseur klein


Steam cooking is the gentle alternative to boiling. Prepare in parallel a full menu through the use of several floors, without burning or stirring required.

With a timer for automatic shutdown, different temperature settings and a wealth of accessories. Also suitable for keeping food warm at parties or family gatherings.

More information in the catalog from on page 54.

Available are three versions with different equipment.




Bread&Cake baking plate

backplatte breadcake denk patent 2


The round Bread & Cake baking plate with the unique oven ring for uniform evaporation of water. Made of heat-storing CeraFlam® ceramics. This promotes, like in a real wood-burning oven, a uniform crust formation on the underside of the bread without the dough getting burnt.

Product-Nr. 264-010, RRP 49,90 €


More information in the catalog on page 115.


Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer

gallery folded view

Dough in Proofer

Folding Proofer for constant fermenting temperature. Ensures reliable and precise temperature for making yeast dough, yeast, yogurt, kefir and many probiotic and vegan foods. Space-saving storage and set up ready for use in just a few steps. Electronic temperature control, approximately 21 °C to about 49 °C. 

Elektronische Temperaturregelung, von ca. 21°C bis ca. 49°C.


Product-Nr. 008-420 for RRP  159,- €

More information on page 113 and on (German) and (English)

Accessory for the Brød & Taylor proofer:

The Wire-rack set doubles the capacity through the use of a second layer.

The set consists of a stainless steel wire rack and two hangers made from aluminium.

Product-Nr. 008-430 with RRP 34,95 €

More information in the catalogue on page 113



Sedona Express Dehydrator

Sedona Express klein 061

New: Small in size, big on the line.

The two-step thermal Timer starts at a higher temperature and switches automatically after desired time to a lower temperature. With 11 Drier-grids made from either stainless steel or BPA-Free plastic and a washable air filter.

Information in the catalogue on page 36.